Pjur Aqua Lubricant 250ml


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Pjur Aqua Lubricant – 250ml

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This is a premium water based personal lubricant, water in this product is completely absorbed by the skin providing particularly soft, long lasting care.

If you are looking for a premium water based personal lubricant? Then Pjur Aqua is the product for you! Pjur Aqua does not leave behind a sticky film, this because the water is entirely absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and fantastic. This product moisturizes dry skin and provides particularly gentle long lasting care. Simply apply the amount of personal lubricant you need to the corresponding part of your intimate area. Suitable for daily use and compatible with latex condoms.

This water based lubricant is almost entirely absorbed by the top layer of skin if you apply too much, simply wash it off with Luke warm water.

* Leaves a velvety soft feeling on the skin not sticky.

* Optional skin and mucosa compatibility.

* Excellent gliding and care properties.


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