Pjur Analyse Me Spray


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Pjur Analyse Me Spray – 20ml



If you prefer spraying rather than applying a product, with this Pjur Analyse me spray you will be glad to know that this selection of intimacy spray is precisely for that use. Pjur Analyse me spray is an exceptional care product applied in the anal area that helps the skin to relax for enjoyable anal sex. High grade panthenol and aloe Vera make the skin and tissue more elastic and counteract over sensitivity in the anal area with no lidocaine or benzocaine.

* Reduce sensitivity

*High grade panthenol and aloe Vera

* Relaxation spray for anal intercourse.


How to Use

Only a few sprays needed per application, first spray the product on your forearm to test for any incompatibility. Do not use in case of an allergic reaction, do not spray on open wounds. You can combine Pjur analyse me spray and glid for even more enjoyable intercourse.


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